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RealViolin is a composition tool that uses an intelligent sampler that selects the right samples based on the notes and playing styles written on a score. This allows composers to work up to 10X faster with better sounding results. No more endlessly programming midi! Currently we are conducting a feasibility study together with the HKU ( funded by Regieorgaan SIA (


A simple text-to-speech program focused only on numbers which sounds very human-like. We wanted to test how adding a specific context to sounds could improve the way a TTS system would work. Our tool can easily be implemented in voicemail or interactive voice response systems.

About us

Prolody consists of a team of passionate music tech people, working together to create awesome audio products for a better user experience. We are working on concepts for composers, producers and DJ’s, both professionals and hobbyists, and speech solutions. We believe in intelligence augmentation: outsourcing the repetitive analytical tasks to a smart system so humans can do the creative work.


Dennis Braunsdorf
Alexander Mooij

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